VINUBIS Video Editor Plugin for Wordpress.

Create Videos in your individual style
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Your Video Editor for WordPress

Our Wordpress Plugin enables you to transform your own videos recorded with smartphone, webcam, digicam or even professional equipment with only a few clicks into ready made, edited, branded as well as optimized video clips. Feel free to use the final videos on your blog, website, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or any other source of your choice. Like in Wordpress you can easily choose your preferred and modified layout for your videos.


RECORD, UPLOAD, EDIT and PUBLISH your own videos

matching your individual layout.



WordpressVideoEditor Plugin

 Freely available. Use your videos also freely.


GET music licences for free.


All video styles can be modified to your WordPress layouts.


Free usage. Pro-Accounts available on request.

HD Quality

BEST video quality made from best footage.

Mobile Application

Our apps are available for iOS, Android for sure and more, maybe ;-)

Hardware independent

Supports smart phones, digicam’s, webcam’s and of cause professional systems.


Easy integration to your workflow.

Video Editor for WordPress

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